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能源资源管理 Energy Resource Management




Westmark partners with Celtic Energy, Inc. to provide energy resource management.  Keeping energy and environmental costs low is especially critical during this time of global economic volatility and growing competition, both at home and around the world.




In just 10 years, Celtic Energy, Inc. has become one of the leading companies in the sustainable energy and energy efficiency industry.  Celtic’s goal is not just to help clients identify strategic cost reduction opportunities, but to assist in their implementation.



Celtic provides a full range of services to assist clients in reducing their energy consumption to improve profitability.






Energy Savings Performance Contract Consulting/Strategic Energy Management Plans

Celtic assists its clients in organizing, planning and implementing Energy Savings Performance Contract programs to secure major improvements with no upfront capital costs.  Celtic can set a scope of work, write a Request For Proposals, and assist clients in contractor selection and negotiations.  This assistance includes reviewing technical feasibility, savings, costs, financing, monitoring and verification plans, Operations and Maintenance, and training plans.  Celtic also develops strategic energy management plans for businesses and government agencies to address all aspects of energy use, tracking, purchasing, and savings.








Celtic trains client personnel in High Performance Buildings, Energy Efficiency, Green Design, and more to ensure the long-term success of programs. Celtic has trained executives, managers, administrators, design and construction professionals, and operation and maintenance personnel to assist their organizations in realizing the full benefits of their energy programs.





Energy Audits

Conducting energy audits is one of the simplest ways to take steps toward reducing energy consumption and costs. Celtic conducts two different types of these walk-through evaluations of a facility:


初步审计 – 粗略调查,旨在帮助进行项目的资格预审,以便后续进行更详细的评价。当创建一个投标邀请,提供节约能源绩效合同的工作范围时,Celtic也执行这种类型的审计。


Preliminary Audits – Cursory investigations aimed at helping to pre-qualify projects before proceeding to a more detailed evaluation. This type of audit is also executed by Celtic when creating a Request for Proposals in order to provide a scope of work for prospective Energy Savings Performance Contracts.




投资级审计 – 详细的工程文件,确认有潜力的项目的范围和节约金额。这种审计的具体程度远远超过初步审计,往往可以由此做出节能措施或操作维修改进的具体建议。


Investment Grade Audits – A detailed engineering document confirming the scope and savings of potential projects. This audit is much more specific than the Preliminary Audit, and will often lead to specific recommendations for Energy Conservation Measures or Operations & Maintenance Improvements.




Celtic has provided energy solutions to a wide range of clients in Government, Education and Private Enterprise.  Hundreds of companies, colleges, hospitals and government agencies have turned to Celtic to help energy users and associated organizations maximize their cost reduction and productivity in an ever-changing energy marketplace.



Project/Client Highlights






Celtic completed two Emerging Technology Assessments for San Diego Gas and Electric, a major utility in California, USA.  One assessment evaluated the technical, functional, aesthetic and operational benefits and concerns of leading edge Light-Emitting Diode and Induction Lighting technologies.  The second assessment evaluated the benefits and concerns associated with a distributed thermal energy storage system, with potential nationwide impacts including a reduction in costly demand peaks for electricity.






Celtic has provided energy services consulting to the City of Henderson, Nevada, USA since 2005.  The first project for the City of Henderson, an Energy Savings project at their Justice Facility which was completed in 2007, is saving the City over $250,000 USD per year.  Celtic subsequently assisted the City in a $17.8 Million USD City-Wide energy conservation and savings project which will result in energy savings of over 1.78 Million USD per year.






Celtic assisted a rural School District in implementing an Energy Savings Performance Contract project with an anticipated savings for the School District of $360,000 USD annually.  The project involves eleven schools and six support facilities and includes facility lighting, special gymnasium lighting, exterior lighting, high volume air conditioning, building envelope, building controls, computer power management, and trash compaction conservation.




Words from Celtic’s Clients





“Douglas County School District would highly recommend Celtic Energy, Inc. as a consultant to any firm or entity in need of such services.  It is because of the supervision of Celtic Energy that our Performance Contracting Process has progressed so smoothly, and in the best interests of the District.  Celtic Energy Inc. is a highly impressive company that has exceeded our expectations, providing top-notch service, and allowing us to foster a great professional relationship.”




“His services came highly recommended, and it was evident during our first meeting that Mr. Halpin was an expert in the process of Performance Contracting… He far surpassed the other candidates in every way. He demonstrated his through knowledge, communication skills, and distinctive approach, giving us confidence that his services would help Western Carolina University (WCU) receive the highest value for this project.
Celtic Energy’s services have been absolutely outstanding. Mr. Halpin and his staff were always available to us when we need their assistance. The tools, guidance and expertise detailed during the selection process have far surpassed our expectations. Mr. Halpin’s ability to effectively communicate with all parties involved was a key component to the success of this project.”