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评估与整治 Assessment and Remediation


  • 风险评估
  • 整治调查
  • 石油、化工、生物泄漏应急响应
  • 污染防治
  • 石棉、铅和微生物的研究
  • 环境空气质量
  • 综合工地勘测
Westmark provides assessment and remediation services including:

  • Risk Assessment
  • Remedial Investigation
  • Oil, Chemical, and Biological Spill Response
  • Pollution Prevention
  • Environmental Air Quality
  • Comprehensive Site Investigations







1) Mobile dual phase extraction system

2) Active remediation system

3) Mold Investigation

4) Emergency spill response

5) Mold sampling

6) Active dual phase extraction system

7) Water sampling

Westmark曾设计和安装各类整治系统,包括土壤气相抽提、空气喷雾、C喷雾、ORC/HRC注射、双相萃取、泵和处理系统,空气剥离和地下水的碳处理。Westmark利用内部工程人员来为每个现场确定和设计的最合适的系统。 Westmark has designed and installed remediation systems including soil vapor extraction, air sparge, C Sparge, ORC/HRC injection, dual phase extraction, pump and treat systems, air stripping and carbon treatment for groundwater.  Westmark uses our in-house engineering staff to identify and design the most appropriate system for each site.



Technology Highlight




Westmark offers dual-phase extraction for remediation of soil and groundwater contamination. Dual-phase extraction can be applied to sites with free-floating product, and can be combined with other technologies. Among its benefits, dual-phase extraction allows for simultaneous remediation of soil and groundwater, minimal disturbance of site operations (a dual-phase extraction system can be implemented below existing structures without excavation), and has low capital and maintenance cost outlays.







1) Emergency spill response

2) Hazardous waste response

3) Gas monitoring

4) Emergency spill response