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Celtic’s engineers have done everything from conducting energy audits on small historic courthouses from the 1800s to managing complex energy programs at some of the largest military installations in the world.





Celtic assists clients in identifying and selecting strategic investments in energy upgrades through implementation of new technologies or retrofitting existing equipment which will more than pay back the cost of construction over the long term.




“这是一个复杂的过程,但如果做得好,它真的很棒。节约总会大于建设成本。这是城市的未来之路。”——Chris Halpin,Celtic能源公司总裁,美国能源工程师协会能源传奇人物。


“It’s a complex process, but when done well it’s an amazing thing.  The savings always outweigh the costs of the construction.  This is the way of the future for municipalities.” – Chris Halpin, Chairman, Celtic Energy, Inc. and American Energy Engineer Legend in Energy.


能源公司合作 Organic Energy Corporation




Westmark partners with Organic Energy Corporation to provide waste separation and waste to energy services for municipal solid waste.  OEC is an advanced Municipal Solid Waste separation and renewable energy development company. OEC specializes in maximizing the recovery and diversion of recyclables from landfill bound MSW first. After valuable commodities have been isolated and recovered, the OEC System can convert the remaining lower value wet and dry organic materials into renewable fuel and energy.