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废物分类和废物发电 Waste Seperation and Waste to Energy




Westmark partners with Organic Energy Corporation to provide waste separation and waste to energy services for municipal solid waste.  OEC is an advanced Municipal Solid Waste separation and renewable energy development company. OEC specializes in maximizing the recovery and diversion of recyclables from landfill bound MSW first. After valuable commodities have been isolated and recovered, the OEC System can convert the remaining lower value wet and dry organic materials into renewable fuel and energy.




Organic Energy Corporation utilizes only field tested and proven components, arranged in a unique order to maximize system productivity.  The OEC sorting system mines conventional recyclable commodities (paper, plastics, ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals and glass), while producing carbon neutral fuel streams from the remaining low-value wet and dry organics. The OEC System separates inbound Municipal Solid Waste into as many as 20 highly concentrated material streams.




The OEC System diverts virtually all organics from landfill disposal, eliminating potential for fugitive landfill greenhouse gas release to the environment.  A large quantity of carbon neutral energy is produced by the process, which can provide renewable energy to anything operating from electricity, diesel or natural gas. The OEC System can offset or replace the use of carbon based fossil fuels and fertilizer. The system’s operation enhances a community’s ground water, soil and air quality. OEC can even begin the mining process in old landfills for valuable resources and transform them into a higher and better use.





The OEC System can divert and take to the highest and best use up to 85% of landfill bound waste. In addition, the OEC system has extremely strong financial returns, with low processing/tip fees. This allows us to create jobs and share revenue with the local community.